The Santa Ana River Watershed Alliance (SARWA) works to support important projects which will help to establish a river-long park while restoring and enhancing the river and its watershed, providing greatly needed community facilities and opportunities to learn about our region's rich history, encouraging stewardship of the riparian environment, and improving the lives of those that live, work and play in the area. Follow this link more information on the SARWA Mission Statement.

Earth Resource Foundation (ERF) received grant funding from Proposition 12 to create and implement the Santa Ana River Watershed Alliance. Follow this link more information on the SARWA Objectives.


Thursday, September 13th, 2007, 10AM - noon *

2615 Valencia, Santa Ana, CA 92705
This meeting will focus on the next steps for Santiago Creek Watershed Plan and River of Life conference. Agenda will be posted soon.
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River of Life Conference: Vision 21
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 18 & 19th, 2007

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Southern California usually receives less than eleven inches of precipitation a year. With over 20 million residents already in the Los Angeles Basin, and with more development on the way, residents need to be engaged as to how to limit their water consumption. You can make a difference by taking small steps to help conserve this limited resource.

Did you know?
* The latest innovation in irrigation is the smart weather-based controller, a device that gives your plants the right amount of water for the time of year, climate and weather.
* Today, California’s heritage is rarely seen because we have filled our landscape with palm trees, citrus groves and hibiscus, glorying in our ability to create tropical paradises and English gardens. In doing so, we changed the look, the feel, the smell and even the sound of our landscape.
* Rebates are available for residential customers who: install weather-based irrigation controllers, install a dual-flush toilet, and install high efficiency washing machines?
* Groundbreaking partnerships between water agencies, home builders and developers are producing more and more new California Friendly Homes and communities.
* Dozens of varieties have been endorsed for use by Southern California fire agencies.
* Rebates are available for business customers who: encourage water efficiency, adopt water saving processes and adopt water-saving devices in their landscapes.

To learn more about ways you can participate in water conservation activities, visit

1. Install a low-flow showerhead and take only a 5-minute shower or a three inch bath.
2. Catch all water in a bucket or watering can while waiting for the water to get hot.
3. Put a water displacement bag or plastic bottle in each toilet tank.
4. Fix all leaky toilets, faucets, and pipes.
5. Flush toilets and use garbage disposer only when necessary.
6. Turn off the water while shaving, brushing your teeth, and lathering in the shower.
7. Run only full loads in dishwashers and washing machines.
8. Water your lawn no more than once a week and operate automatic sprinklers manually.
9. Use a bucket of water and one short rinse to wash your car.
10. Sweep (never hose) driveway, patio and sidewalk.
Let’s make water conservation a way of life! - Orange County Real Estate surports the efforts of the watershed project for Santa Ana.

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